Friday, August 14, 2009

Is this what I think it is? YES - Recycle Your Electronics!

Hey peeps, I am sure not much of you read this anymore but I have some things I want to share with you all. So I previously said I would help with recycling old electronics so here we go!

WAIT!!! don't throw away that DVD player/Speaker/TV/Monitor/Misc. Electronics before you read this!

Okay so lets say you were about to enjoy a nice afternoon watching your favourite movie: Back To the Future. Lets say that when you placed your backup of Back to the Future (The original is mounted on the wall in a golden frame) in your dvd player, it EXPLODED! So what to do?

Well the DVD player itself has some cool components, if your not that involved in electronics or lack a nice supply of components (Resistors, Transistors, Capacitors, Diodes, yada yada yada)then you can recycle components from the DVD player.

Tools Needed
Soldering Iron
Desoldering bulb

hey if you do not have any of these items GET THEM NOW, they will save your life if there ever is a situation where you need to disarm a nuclear bomb (Trust me it can happen).

so lets go over how to desolder things.
*Note: this is a general rule of thumb guide so it will be most useful in most cases.

1. add solder to the joint you want to remove.
Yeah I know this step may have you thinking WTF? but adding new solder to the older solder will mix both ages of solder and facilitate the solder extraction process, don't believe me? try not doing it and see what happens. NOTE: remember to not leave the soldering iron on the joint for too long lest you want a useless component.

2. use a Desoldering bulb or Desoldering pump to remove the solder.
If you followed step 1 this should be a breeze, if not go back to step one. you may need more than one attempt to remove all solder. Make sure you can see the silver of the board underneath and that it is flat.

3. Repeat steps for each joint.
Most components will have more than one joint. For example a resistor will usually have two joints, a capacitor as well, transistors for the most part have three joints.

With enough time you'll be the envy of the town with all your inductors and capacitors and do hickeys, you'll have peeps left and right asking you to help build stuff. if(request == skynet){echo "Get Down"; ATTACK(requester);}else{echo "okie dokie";}

Yes those steps should help with the majority of your recycling projects.

Know on to some more project specific uses on recycling.

Lets say you have a CRT (cathode ray tube) Monitor or television, and it is broken (Oh Noes) what to do? I have made a couple of quick projects that will offer loads of fun.

Project: Vacuum IMPLODER:
I have not done this so I can not provide any pictures, but I know people who have so that is why I list it here. The actual glass part inside the monitor (the big heavy thing) is a Vacuum tube, so theoretically by breaking the glass correctly you should achieve an implosion where the debris will contract towards the middle of the implosion (as opposed to an explosion where the debris spreads outwards).


Project: High Voltage is FUN!
I have done this project, and it is uddles of fun. First some background info so get ready for some information. CRT monitors use high voltage to generate an electron beam that strikes a phosphorous coating on the front of the glass which then generates a color. multiple beams hit the screen that allow an image to be displayed on the glass. The CRT monitor uses a flyback transformer to generate the HV necessary for the electron beam. What is a transformer you say, a transformer is a method of increasing voltage while decreasing amperage and vice versa. In short voltage goes up and the amperage goes down proportionally, the way it works is through magnetic induction where a frequency in a primary coil induces a current in the secondary coil. The induced current and voltage is determined by the ratio of turns in the primary and secondary. Here is a picture of a standard transformer. A step down transformer is a transformer that steps down voltage, these can be seen stuck to a power line. A step up transformer is a transformer that takes a low voltage (lets say 1 V) and passes it through a transformer with a primary:secondary ratio of 1:1000000 then this will result in a 1000000 V or 1 MV induced voltage in the secondary coil, cool huh? yet the secondary coil will only have 1/(1000000) of the amperage the primary one has. Okay you got all that? good.

The flyback transformer in the monitor is a step up transformer it will take 10-20 V and step it up to 10 - 20 KV. The flyback transformer will be in a different location in each monitor setup but most of them will look like these.

I am selling flyback transformers, if interested contact me @

once you have removed all of the joints (there are lots of them) you can proceed to the circuit building

We are gonna create a dynamic frequency driver, this simple but powerful circuit will use a standard NPN transistor (try to get one suitable for High Voltage I found one inside the monitor that worked beautifully) to find the ideal frequency needed to attain maximum voltage.

so here is the schematic for this driver

The schematic was stolen from Sam Barros' Power labs page check it out!

I find that the 2N3055, while easy to find at radioschack, sucks so don't use it! They die out in a matter of minutes even when connected in parallel.

The resistor choices I have no problem with.

Okay some helpful tips that nobody ever told me and delayed this project almost a month, these are priceless.

*To find the Primary coil do a continuity test between the first couple of pins
*To find the Feedback coil do the same continuity test
*Remember to write down what pins connect to what
*to find the secondary coil connect the red suction cup thingy to a terminal of a 9 V battery from there connect the other terminal to a probe on a voltmeter then use the other free probe to individually test each pin. Whichever pin gives you a reading is the other side of the secondary coil.


For Reals be careful always use only one hand when messing with High voltage so you do not close a high voltage circuit through your arms and more importantly through your heart.

The image shown is a small spark using a crappy 2n3055 my other transistor allowed me to make a full fledged Jacobs ladder.

My last Project can be done with parts that can be found all over the place.

It is the infamous Joule Thief, Takin' joules left and right!

Things you need

Ferrite Ring
Magnet Wire
NPN Transistors (2N3055 can be used for this)

Here is the schematic

courtesy of Makezine: Thanks!

It is a really simple project but it is really cool. Lets say you have a to of useless AA batteries that will not work for anything they are "dead"; use a joule thief to make them power a simple LED. Usually a 1.5 Volt AA will not light up an LED so how does it work? if you read my rant on transformers you should be able to figure it out.

Like always and Questions or Comments place in the Comments section. I'll try to help anyone.
Have Fun! Be Safe!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hello World

Sup peeps,
I have not posted in a while and now I am seeking to make some significant changes. We will still have everyone's favorite updates by Zeppillox himself but now I will have to focuses.

Stop using the vernacular, actually I rarely use the Vernacular but I will try to make my text easier on translators.

I will try to make this more globally minded, suggestions would be nice

These are my New Year's Resolutions

plz komm3n7

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ds lite Browser

hello this is a review of the ds browse and of course it is being written on the ds itself well to start things of this is pretty much a browser and thats it, but right now for the sake of time and my patience with a soft keyboard I will make simple list which will be easy to glance and remeber.

fun to use
easy to use
great for reading mail news or to write a blog on the go
utilizes the touch screen for its bene factor
has qwerty keyboard and hand writing capabilities

no yutube vids or teagames

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shure e2c and Sony & ipod headphones and a Merry Chirstmas y Feliz Navidad!

The Shure e2c head phones

Yes hello welcome to my review of the Sony and Shure headphones let me first state that this isn't a VS. it is simply a review of shure e2c compared against your standard average headphones which probably many new ipod/Walkman users use.

Lets start with Sony headphones. These things are awesome I have an ipod and i use to use the standard earbud apple headphones until my dog ate them. Then from there I got the Apple In-ear headphones lasted around 4 weeks, no my dog didn't eat it, it lost sound quality and by now the left one plays only at 45% max volume and the right plays at 10% volume very unbalanced. Then I went on a snowboarding trip to Vail were I borrowed a friends extra standard apple headphones. I left them and I reached vails with no headphones so i bought the sony headphones, and this is were the review starts.

my first impression of the sony headphones were WOW these will beat apple headphones a billion timmes fold!

lets start by saying this the sony headphones will surely beat both ipod in ear and standard headphones These headphones are worth their 10 dollar price tag. not only that but their bass is a million times better then the standard in ear headphones.

so lets simplify this

good sound
great price
reaches higher volumes than normal ipod headphones
Neat carrying case!
durable plastic wire cover

comfortable and begginging but gets ears sore after a few hours
no noise isolation you can hear everything going on around
silver plated plug

then there are the shure headphones which get into a totally different category.
I bought these for my trip to Venezuela. they are SOOooo comfortable you dont even feel them. you can sleep with them use em as ear plugs and forget about your everything around and just fall into your music I love the bass. for example I was in the plane and wanted to go to sleep and since our plane was nearly empty the back seats were empty so I went (without headphones) and I couldn't sleep because in the back of the plane is were you hear the jets and turbulence the most so i went got my headphones but elvis on and fell into a quiet room on heartbreak hotel. I wore these headphones for around 7 hours and they still were as comfortable as when I first put them on. Really i recommend these headphones to anyone who is interested in hearing what their missing in their music. I also use these as studio headphones plugging them into my mac while i play around on logic or finale. I give these headphones ****** six stars out of five.

Great sound
great sound isolation from the outside
very comforatable
nice design fits right into ear
good size driver

the price? its worth it though
isolates you from the outside world LITTELRLY (well sometimes a bad thing?)

Here is a side by side comparison with the shure and the sony the shure is gold plated a thicker you can definately tell the difference

this is the shure vs ipod headphones both in ear and standard. its easy to see which wire is thicker.

PS sorry if the pictures seem sloppy I took them with my phone

Monday, December 11, 2006


this post will be the ultimate deciding faction between which is better sony or nintendo. Now prepare yourself but first some little bulletins

- Hello Sorry I've been out for so long really didn't feel like typing

-Thank you loyal fans!!! your what keeps me typing in this site

-If you visited from OSX86 then wow you just did it?

-I will try to make myself more legible as in grammar.

okay so here it is The ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN.

Wii V. PS3

It's the same battle and truth be told, here it is get ready, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Friday, May 26, 2006

wakeboarding pics

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Mac OS X86!!! Run Mac natively on windows

Hello everyone before I begin explaining how to do this I must first put a disclaimer,


please support apple sales and DECREASE your karma

okay lets get started there are many ways to do this I am writing one way the would give you Mac os x86 10.4.5 and I am also timing myself typing this so if there are any errors you know why then okay lets get started first you would need to download the torrent ISO prepatched of Mac os x86

then you need to burn it to a DVD disc and wait till it gets burned

okay next you will need to download chain0 to be able to boot up ur windows and Mac this is the link okay that's the chain0 file then from there you need to put that file in your the root of your c drive (C:\) then open notepad and open C:\boot.ini and at the bottom make a new line and past this exactly

C:\chain0="Mac OS x86"

save it, then check to see if you can boot up windows again like to see if you didn't screw it up open run and type in msconfig in that go to the tab that says boot.ini and click the button that says check all boot paths if everything is good proceed to next step

next use your favorite partitioning tool I like partition magic and make some free space that is > 6.5 gigs if you relaly like Mac you should make it like 15 gigs or higher more gigs the more free space you will have okay then with that free space make a new partition format NTFS of FAT32 it doesn't matter apply changes and reboot the computer

boot of the CD and wait when it ask you what volume would you like to install it you wont see anything what you need to do is go to the apple menu and select utilities and select disk utility and wait till that loads up (note that this installation takes a while my theory is 30 minutes after it checks the DVD) okay so anyways go to disk utility and select the partition you made earlier and erase it and name it Apple Mac OS X86 wait till its done erasing and then close disk utility and you will see that in the installer you partion shows up okay select it and on the next screen look at the bottom of the installer and select costumize uncheck the printer drivers unless you are going to use a printer and unsselect the language translations as well. Okay your done install it and wait and wallaa you've installed your mac yhea!!!

Please visit the rest of my site and click on ads, email me about question or recommendations and share this site with friends, thank you!!! -Dr. Choc

if you need this guide in spanish eh i dont feel like translating it but there is a great guide from wich i learned alot and its a video for both english and spanish yhea!!! here isi the link

Monday, March 20, 2006

ah, ubuntu...

it's my friend ur friend , it's human interest in various ways, it's to beutiful to translate its and african word! hey everyone im sick 2day but thats okay cuz i am trying out a linux os if you dont know linux is a part of the *nix group (linux, unix, etc) they use kernals to load and work (kernals are just word files) windows is the only os that doesnt use kernal as a ground support which is why it [sucks] okay anyways the linux os that i was trying out is called ubuntu
(ouu boon too) i like it alot its gui (grapic user interface) is really pleasing to the eye and i just took acreenshot of it well anyways its really nice and well its very very very good i like it a lot but okay to the point so now ur thinkin' "ey doctor, how much is this gonna cost me" and i will tell u "ABSOULETLY NOTHING" and that is legally as well because linux is a opensource under gpl which translated in english means free software so its my honor to present u of a way to try ubuntu w/o actually installing it on your computer okay so lets c there is 2 ways to do this first way faster easier must have a burnable cd and a comp that can burn (its a cd not dvd) all u have to do is go here and you will see the install .iso links this is were u will download the install .iso if u want it ok scroll down and you will c soething called live cds which is what u need to donwload okay download it and wait...................................................................................... ..................................................... and wait ........................... ............................................................................................. ............................................................................................ .....................................and more waiting.................................... ...........................................................................................
okay ur probably not done download unless you read every dot say dot one and repeating it around 20 time for each dot. but i cant wait no longer. here i sthe next step get something that burns iso images to a cd like nero or acohol 120% i use nero and then just burn the iso to the disc using nero i just double clicked it and followed instructions pretty easy then wait again
dud du dure de dum de dum dum du de de der re de re de duh dum dum *the entertainer* ............................................................................................
and wait
okay nough waiting after ur done just restart ur computer with the disc still in when i t ask if u want to boot from disc say yes and if u dont get that try selecting one of the F keys at the top or Esc to enter setup or bios and just change boot order from there. and there u go u loaded it up if u dont get something like that it is porbably cuz u burned the cd wrong

second way it is cdless and still free but slower alot slower
okay google vmware and go to thier website download vmplayer its free and install wait wiat and then when u start it up or something its going to tell u were to get the files for vmplayer and go tohier and selet ubuntu and u should c it okay then wait and load it up its about 1/6 of the real speed just so u know and for downloading the install disc just follow the first set of directions cept download the install disc and walaa it took me to install around 30 minutes

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello whats this?

okay hello everyone srry i havnt posted recently i have been doing what i will soon explain its actually quite funny okay let me start out talking about the main idea of this post, o and make some time to read this and really concentrate and remeber cuz you may want to do this. okay in this post i am going to explain (i will try to explain it so the tootal newbie can understand it) how to attach a hard drive to ps2 and load games from it i will break it into 4 groups 1st steup and organize 2nd add a hardrive 3rd use MC exploit 4th find the .elf file of cogswap and propably hd loader

wow okay so you might be like okay thats nice but what can i really do with a hardrive on my ps2 well for one you can install games backups ;) on the hardrive which will make the games load faster. secondly... yhea well thats probably the best thing you can do lol.

okay things before we get started for this guide you will need the following
1)chubby ps2 not the new slim one
2)network adapter for ps2 (find at gameshop lol)
3)Action replay max (find at circuit city target w/e)
4)a standard ide hardrive (if your going to buy a new one make sure its compatible
5)some burnable cds and a comp that can burn cds
6)a usb flash pen drive & PS2 memory
7)a ps1 game

step 1) setup and organize
okay so lets get started once you have all these items get the AR max and the memory card plug memory card (MC) into the ps2

okay now download these files that is the link thenextract it and open it. inside you shall se a whole bunch of stuff find badata-system.max or something like that and place it on your usb flash drive.

now load up AR Max and go to memory manager. now go into your memory devices and selct memory card slot one(the Memory card that your going to use for this hack) and find system configuration delete it. now plug your usb flash dirve pen into the usb of the ps2. wait for it to detect files now select the only file there (put a check) and select uncrush on the right hand side and select mem. card slot 1. wait for it to finish.

now restart the ps2 get your ps1 game and place it in and boot up the game you should see a white scree then yo ushould see exploit congrats you got it working. WAIT if the game loaded instead of exploit it is probably becuase the ps1 game isnt supported for a list of ps1 games that are supported check the games-us. yhea now you can go onto step 2 finally right?

Step 2
fetch your hard drive and your network adapter and take them out of their package then in the network adapter you will see slots at the buttom and on the hard drive things that go in the slots now carefully connect the hard drive and the ps2 thats a pretty good image thar

step 3
wow wasnt that easy! okay bye now you probably already have the exploit on your memory card if not go back to step 1. okay so now load into the exploit what do you see? you see like a lot of words these are the files on your memory card :) play around with it till you understand how it works just dont delete anything press select for help okay next step

step 4
all those other steps were easy compared to this ha jk okay now lets get started download that file extarct it and you should get and iso image extract that too till you get the system and the .elf file with these two files burn them on a cd. we are not going to use cogswap though but it is found at the same website if you would like it.

load into exploit and do the slide card technique (here is the website of how to do it i wont get into it from fear of over complicating it okay so use the slide card method and swap the disc for the disc that you just burned. now press R1 and select the cd you will see the files system and .elf file save them using triange (i think refer to help by pressing select.) and now go to your mc were you saved the file and select the hdloader.elf and wait a while and it should load it might have to format the hard drive. and yhhea after that it should enter the menu pretty basic menu very simple

thanks for sticking with me through the whole thing i know i typed alot but thats okay

-Dr. Choc

Disclaimer: I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything you do to your ps2 i write this to inform the choice is up to you whether to follow it or not.