Monday, October 03, 2005

this week on zeppilox's update...

we discuss the imoralness of downloading free music..................... HA!!! jk

we will discuss the best p2p file sharing program and according to this section in kazaa it is completely legal, hmm who knew?

some people think that its wrong to download these frequencies that are interpreted as music to us well i just have one thing to say i own a ipod (freakin awesome one 2!) if i would fill it up it would WASTE 5,000 Dollors why would i want to do that if i could do 5,000 downloads instead (absouletly free)

just don't download kazaa (full of viruses) if you already did this i sugest system restore, it is the only wasy to take all of kazaa out

okay back to topic of the best free music places (you might want to make some time cuz this will take you a while)

okay the ones the i mainly like and are the safest (i know i will get comments on this but screw those critics!) the safest are imesh LIGHT <> woooooooo this thing rocks it is spyware virus adware free yhea wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and best of all its FREE!!! here is the link at

heck yes

lets move on my other favorite one more efficient uses like 6 differnet servers to find what you are looking for ok happy jeez that 6 FREAKIN SERVERS!!! okay it is called peanuts it is made by the same people as imesh light and it too is FREAKIN FREE yhea, so well it definetly finds what your looking for here is the website to that awesome thing


okay if you own an ipod look for another awsome post of mine

*macs rule*


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