Monday, October 03, 2005



okay this is an ipod hack where you change w/e the diconnect sign the legal stuff your ipod lol
simply all you have to do is as followed p-unk (note this only works for windows)

get the ipod updater yep

then you need to download the ipod wizard

load the updater with this program and then you should see a box left of load it will say firmware check each one and see which images match your ipod the best (each ipod has its own firmware mine was the second one down)
IDR_FIRMWARE-1.1.5 -->iPod 1st or 2nd generation
IDR_FIRMWARE- -->Newer iPod 4th generation (although SOME Apple 4th generations)
IDR_FIRMWARE-2.2.3 -->iPod 3rd generation
IDR_FIRMWARE-3.2.5 -->iPod mini
IDR_FIRMWARE- -->iPod 4th generation
IDR_FIRMWARE-5.4.0 -->iPod Photo
IDR_FIRMWARE-6.2.5 -->Newer iPod min
iIDR_FIRMWARE-7.2.5 -->New iPod mini ?

Courtesy of Bbender90

okay then from there you look at the bottom part and you change the designs after your done right below the load button is the write button click it when your done

okay once youve done that then you need to put it on your ipod right?
okay you gotta listen to this one wrong move and your toast bye bye lol jk

okay first you need to enable your ipod as a hard disk you can do this in itunes go to prefences and go to ipod it should say somewhere okay after that you need to be able to see hidden files so go to my computer and at the top with all the file edit stuff go to tools and go to folder options you should see lots of things go to the one were it says hidden folders with 2 things under it put it on allow me to see hidden folders
click ok at the bottom

UPDATE: i erased the last thing taht was here to show you an easier and safer way download this program called ihack (it is safe) open it and go to the bottom were it says patch and select the hard drive were your ipod is then your done with this part go on

Finally open the updater and update your ipod NOT RESTORE then walaa your done you awesome person with your awesome ipod remeber to read below :)


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