Saturday, December 24, 2005

i wish you a merry merry christmas and a happy PearPC

hey everyone this is my christmas post long time since i last posted im not sure how much im gonna write though im bored neways, well okay lets get to the point this post is mainly about pearpc with a little christmas spice ;) first off pearpc is a way for you mac fans (i.e. me) with no money to buy a real mac. and your stuck with windows. well here is your solution pearpc is a emulator that runs mac on windows, but not a poser mac (i. e. making windows look like mac makes it a poser mac!) this is the real deal mac. you can download do w/e you want. there is a catch though, no sound support! well along with that it is said to go 15 times slower than the host computer(like a uncle who has been driken to much egg nog). this is becuase it need to convert x86(intel processor) to a powerpc(mac's processor). and it also is a lil' complicated but if you follow directions, or really good at computers you can do this :)

lets start with something easy, okay lets get the pearpc file
that is the link for the download select a mirror or just click the link at the top

okay now we need to make a folder for this (while its downloading) go to your C:\ drive and make a new folder inside the C:\ drive called PearPC (case doesnt have to much but it looks nicer, like a christmas tree w/ lights)

place the newly dowloaded winRAR into the file and extract it
note: if you can not extract the file go to (its safe dont worry) and search for winrar download the winrar stuff and intall then go on

now you should have around 6 files (i cant remeber) you should have a file that is called ppccfg or something rename it to "macosx.ppc" no qoutes this is your configuration file (config), now double click it and it should say it cant open this file. select "select program from a list" and click on notepad
now a bunch of text comes up it is easy to understand (i will explain l8r)

now you need to get a preformatted (hopefully) disk .img
here is the link
it is self extracting once the full 6 gb(be patient may take up to 3minutes) is extracted into the pearpc folder open the macosx file again in notepad scroll down and look were it says master image type C:\PearPC\then the name of the 6gb.img(needs the .img at the end!!!). find were it says memory_size=8000000 and change 8000000 into 20000000 now you have a 512 ram mac. okay now here is the hard part you need a mac osx puma,jaguar, or panther intallation cd (no tiger as tiger will not boot)
you get these by buying them off ebay or amazon or w/e just get em and note I WILL NOT GIVE PEOPLE A COPY OF THE CD!!!
okay now that you have the cd place the cd in your cdrom drive and in the config file
were it says slave image type your cdrom drive i.e. D:/

okay your almost done!!!!!!!!!!
now right click your config (macosx.ppc) and go to properties open it and were it says open with click change and find you pearpc folder and select the ppc one (it looks like a pear , if you cant find it then type this it the file name C:\pearpc\ppc.exe
that is only if your pearpc folder is in the C:
okay now with that done right click again your config file and selct copy
go to your desktop and right click and select copy shortcut
now you have a shortcut on your desktop

ok back to your config file look for where it says boot_method=auto change auto to select okay almost done now click the shortcut on your desktop and it shoul open ppc it will give you two options select the one with cdrom in it now it should load the intaller (once again be patient) and click customize and uncheck everything that you dont need (asian fonts language translation anything related to sound) and click intall and walaa it will take 1-3 hours for complete installation for the rest of the cds just once the first one is done close pearpc and boot it up again with the 2n or 3rd cd instead of the first

okay if something is wrong ppc wont open or something then do the following
openr run (windows logo then R together in that type this cmd.exe it will open a black screen command prompt type CD C:\pearpc (that is if your folder is in pearpc)
then press enter now type ppc macosx.ppc.example (if that doesnt work try macosx.ppc)
it should open pearpc and if any errors they should be listed in the command prompt if there is an error you cant fix comment about this post and i will get back to you

Disclaimer: i am not respnoisble for anything that this may do to your computer

(its safe if you follow directions)


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