Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shure e2c and Sony & ipod headphones and a Merry Chirstmas y Feliz Navidad!

The Shure e2c head phones

Yes hello welcome to my review of the Sony and Shure headphones let me first state that this isn't a VS. it is simply a review of shure e2c compared against your standard average headphones which probably many new ipod/Walkman users use.

Lets start with Sony headphones. These things are awesome I have an ipod and i use to use the standard earbud apple headphones until my dog ate them. Then from there I got the Apple In-ear headphones lasted around 4 weeks, no my dog didn't eat it, it lost sound quality and by now the left one plays only at 45% max volume and the right plays at 10% volume very unbalanced. Then I went on a snowboarding trip to Vail were I borrowed a friends extra standard apple headphones. I left them and I reached vails with no headphones so i bought the sony headphones, and this is were the review starts.

my first impression of the sony headphones were WOW these will beat apple headphones a billion timmes fold!

lets start by saying this the sony headphones will surely beat both ipod in ear and standard headphones These headphones are worth their 10 dollar price tag. not only that but their bass is a million times better then the standard in ear headphones.

so lets simplify this

good sound
great price
reaches higher volumes than normal ipod headphones
Neat carrying case!
durable plastic wire cover

comfortable and begginging but gets ears sore after a few hours
no noise isolation you can hear everything going on around
silver plated plug

then there are the shure headphones which get into a totally different category.
I bought these for my trip to Venezuela. they are SOOooo comfortable you dont even feel them. you can sleep with them use em as ear plugs and forget about your everything around and just fall into your music I love the bass. for example I was in the plane and wanted to go to sleep and since our plane was nearly empty the back seats were empty so I went (without headphones) and I couldn't sleep because in the back of the plane is were you hear the jets and turbulence the most so i went got my headphones but elvis on and fell into a quiet room on heartbreak hotel. I wore these headphones for around 7 hours and they still were as comfortable as when I first put them on. Really i recommend these headphones to anyone who is interested in hearing what their missing in their music. I also use these as studio headphones plugging them into my mac while i play around on logic or finale. I give these headphones ****** six stars out of five.

Great sound
great sound isolation from the outside
very comforatable
nice design fits right into ear
good size driver

the price? its worth it though
isolates you from the outside world LITTELRLY (well sometimes a bad thing?)

Here is a side by side comparison with the shure and the sony the shure is gold plated a thicker you can definately tell the difference

this is the shure vs ipod headphones both in ear and standard. its easy to see which wire is thicker.

PS sorry if the pictures seem sloppy I took them with my phone


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