Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello whats this?

okay hello everyone srry i havnt posted recently i have been doing what i will soon explain its actually quite funny okay let me start out talking about the main idea of this post, o and make some time to read this and really concentrate and remeber cuz you may want to do this. okay in this post i am going to explain (i will try to explain it so the tootal newbie can understand it) how to attach a hard drive to ps2 and load games from it i will break it into 4 groups 1st steup and organize 2nd add a hardrive 3rd use MC exploit 4th find the .elf file of cogswap and propably hd loader

wow okay so you might be like okay thats nice but what can i really do with a hardrive on my ps2 well for one you can install games backups ;) on the hardrive which will make the games load faster. secondly... yhea well thats probably the best thing you can do lol.

okay things before we get started for this guide you will need the following
1)chubby ps2 not the new slim one
2)network adapter for ps2 (find at gameshop lol)
3)Action replay max (find at circuit city target w/e)
4)a standard ide hardrive (if your going to buy a new one make sure its compatible
5)some burnable cds and a comp that can burn cds
6)a usb flash pen drive & PS2 memory
7)a ps1 game

step 1) setup and organize
okay so lets get started once you have all these items get the AR max and the memory card plug memory card (MC) into the ps2

okay now download these files that is the link thenextract it and open it. inside you shall se a whole bunch of stuff find badata-system.max or something like that and place it on your usb flash drive.

now load up AR Max and go to memory manager. now go into your memory devices and selct memory card slot one(the Memory card that your going to use for this hack) and find system configuration delete it. now plug your usb flash dirve pen into the usb of the ps2. wait for it to detect files now select the only file there (put a check) and select uncrush on the right hand side and select mem. card slot 1. wait for it to finish.

now restart the ps2 get your ps1 game and place it in and boot up the game you should see a white scree then yo ushould see exploit congrats you got it working. WAIT if the game loaded instead of exploit it is probably becuase the ps1 game isnt supported for a list of ps1 games that are supported check the games-us. yhea now you can go onto step 2 finally right?

Step 2
fetch your hard drive and your network adapter and take them out of their package then in the network adapter you will see slots at the buttom and on the hard drive things that go in the slots now carefully connect the hard drive and the ps2 thats a pretty good image thar

step 3
wow wasnt that easy! okay bye now you probably already have the exploit on your memory card if not go back to step 1. okay so now load into the exploit what do you see? you see like a lot of words these are the files on your memory card :) play around with it till you understand how it works just dont delete anything press select for help okay next step

step 4
all those other steps were easy compared to this ha jk okay now lets get started download that file extarct it and you should get and iso image extract that too till you get the system and the .elf file with these two files burn them on a cd. we are not going to use cogswap though but it is found at the same website if you would like it.

load into exploit and do the slide card technique (here is the website of how to do it i wont get into it from fear of over complicating it okay so use the slide card method and swap the disc for the disc that you just burned. now press R1 and select the cd you will see the files system and .elf file save them using triange (i think refer to help by pressing select.) and now go to your mc were you saved the file and select the hdloader.elf and wait a while and it should load it might have to format the hard drive. and yhhea after that it should enter the menu pretty basic menu very simple

thanks for sticking with me through the whole thing i know i typed alot but thats okay

-Dr. Choc

Disclaimer: I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything you do to your ps2 i write this to inform the choice is up to you whether to follow it or not.


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